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Looking over my shoulder.

I keep looking for a way out of this working life I’ve ended up with. Working for other people is not working so well for me. I’d rather be sitting at home right now, peeling back the skin on my … Continue reading

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Even closer to home.

From an article in Time Magazine on Trinity United Church of Christ: The bulk of Trinity-goers are among the thousands living on Chicago’s South Side, a sprawl of cracked sidewalks and boarded buildings that inspires fear among the city’s middle … Continue reading

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When hands turn to fists. (written 6/23/2006)

Exhausted but awake. Hi, insomnia! Thinking about how a lot of what’s been discussed in my journal and elsewhere this week about bisexuality (particularly as it pertains to women) and how it has a lot to do with gender and … Continue reading

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catchin' up with depeche mode (written 12/13/2003)

actually, no. i’m not listening to it. but i am thinking of catchin’ up, since i’ve largely been silent for the last week or so. but i have been writing. on BART, a lot. i’ll post some fragments of what’s … Continue reading

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