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Naomi Wolf: The latest contributor to “Caught in the Undertow”

So, back during the 2008 presidential election campaign, after witnessing such mind-bogglingly bad politics in writing by so many well-respected feminist Clinton supporters, it occurred to me that I should publish an anthology called “The Second Wave: Caught in the … Continue reading

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Two special interest groups enter, one group leaves.

When I awoke this morning, hung over after a great Friday night that involved my company holiday party followed by singing at the Shoebox Studio Winter Showcase which was then followed by the Hubba Hubba Revue Chris-manukkah Spectacular, I rolled … Continue reading

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Looking over my shoulder.

I keep looking for a way out of this working life I’ve ended up with. Working for other people is not working so well for me. I’d rather be sitting at home right now, peeling back the skin on my … Continue reading

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Hooray for consolidating and streamlining teh blawgs. I just imported all the posts from my old blog into this one. (Shall I end that one with a cleansing fire? Hmm. Good question.) More prominently on the website agenda is locating decent … Continue reading

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Blood sports.

At the Berkeley Slam right now for the Battle of the Bay Indi World Poetry Slam edition. Jason’s competing. I almost wrote “performing,” and that’s what it is, but here, it’s all about competition. And I like competition. We all … Continue reading

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