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Naomi Wolf: The latest contributor to “Caught in the Undertow”

So, back during the 2008 presidential election campaign, after witnessing such mind-bogglingly bad politics in writing by so many well-respected feminist Clinton supporters, it occurred to me that I should publish an anthology called “The Second Wave: Caught in the … Continue reading

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“Bow to the woman,” or Revisiting the racism of white feminism.

I’ve been told that my post yesterday quoting from writings and speeches by Frederick Douglass and Elizabeth Cady Stanton was “a cheap shot” and “ineffectual.” Apparently there are no connections to be made between the political stances of the leaders … Continue reading

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Those who forget history will be doomed to repeat it.

All quotes below pulled from Women, Race & Class by Angela Y. Davis…. Frederick Douglass, in an article titled “The Rights of Women” published in his abolitionist newspaper North Star, July 1848: In respect to political rights, we hold woman … Continue reading

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Not what I imagined.

Erica Jong concludes that “we’re” stealing Jewish men because they’ve been circumcised: Ever wonder why Jewish boys are so fucked up about sex? Ever wonder why they fall for mile-high models from Slovenia who wear those big cold crosses? Ever … Continue reading

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